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Here are definitions of some terms used on this portal
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Data management is the set of methodological, conceptual, organizational and technical measures and procedures for the treatment of the resource data with the aim of the data at their maximum potential for use in business processes and contribute to ensure the ongoing operation, the optimal use of the data.


DatML / RAW (Data Markup Language - Raw Data) is an XML document type for the supply of raw statistical data and metadata per file. Its structure is designed to provide maximum flexibility. It allows the delivery of any data from multiple surveys for different periods of different reporting agents in a document, in which data can be determined for different recipients. DatML / RAW is both sender-receiver view of how multi-client capable. Further support DatML / RAW a number of additional functions such as test support, address change and receipt. DatML / RAW is available in a German and an English version available, which differ only by the different naming of the elements, attributes and the predefined attribute values​​.