Networked Organisations - Research into Standards

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  • Umsetzungsgrad: In Entwicklung seit01.03.2004
    Umsetzungsgrad: Im Einsatz seit30.11.2005

    The NO-REST project aims to investigate the applicability and dynamics of standards in the e-business and e-government sectors, and to develop toolkits for the assessment of their performance, and of the impact they have on networked organisations. To this end, NO-REST will evaluate the various standards development platforms, examine how implementations affect standards and interoperability, and do a re-active performance analysis of standards as well as a pro-active integrated impact assessment. NO-REST will look at the application of standards, and will analyse how standards, and their implementations, are subject to change incurred by the environment within which they are implemented. The project will then devise an analytical framework for a causal model of such changes. This, in turn, will help understand the nature of these changes and will allow for the formulation of adequate counter-measures or - even better - for the derivation of conclusions for developing standards in the future, and possible mechanisms to feed back these changes continuously into dynamic standards building. The project will also analyse the various standards setting organisations, with a focus on how they react to - and influence - the dynamics of the environment within which they work. This will also include an analysis of the relation between the 'credibility' of a standards setting organisation, i.e., to which extent does the origin of a standard influence its viability in the market place. The project will then establish if, and how, a standard's origin affects its performance, and will set up guidelines helping those who wish to create a standard decide which standards setting organisation to select. Finally, based on the above, NO-REST will develop, and apply, a methodology to help assess, a-posteriori, the performance of a standard. This will ultimately contribute to a tool-kit to evaluate - a-priori - the impact a standard will have on the market.