Moving Fast Forward to National Data Standardization

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  • Umsetzungsgrad: In Entwicklung seit01.03.2011
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    Abstract: Since 2007, the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology has been developing the Thailand eGovernment Interoperability Framework (TH e-GIF) as guidelines for transformation to a connected government. However, the transformation has been slow for four main reasons: lack of national data standards, lack of best practices to follow, no clear guidelines for how to start the project, and absence of a proactive mindset. This work focuses on building national data standards to support government data interchange and data integration. We begin to establish the footprint for data standardization by producing a manual containing implementation guidelines and developing the roadmap for national data standard initiatives. These initiatives, we hope, will be implemented over a five year period, from 2011 to 2015. By conducting an eSurvey of government information systems, the data landscapes and information logistics were developed. Then, information exchange domains were outlined based on task-oriented and organizational ontology. In addition, several workshops and seminars were conducted for both executive and operational officials from several public agencies. As a result, fifteen information exchange models were constructed; three of them were selected for study in detail to help create data standardization guidelines. The survey, workshops, and seminars, along with a study of national strategic plans, enabled us to come up with the data standardization roadmap that consists of three main activities: national data standard building, research and development to support standardization mechanisms, and government personnel preparation. Based on this roadmap, the creation of national data standards can be pursued in a strategic manner, strengthening the government transformation to be completely eGovernment as well as to become connected government.