EDRM implementation at the National Weights and Measures Laboratory

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  • Umsetzungsgrad: In Entwicklung seit01.01.2005
    Umsetzungsgrad: Im Einsatz seit01.01.2005

    Purpose - To describe how an EDRMS was implemented at the National Weights and Measures Laboratory and indicate whether the benefits expected have been delivered.

    Design/methodology/approach - The paper sets out the business case, describes the implementation, shows the outcomes (planned and unexpected), and ends with a conclusion about the degree of success

    Findings - Generally the project was successful, with excellent take-up by users. It has involved records staff in change management issues as the system highlights areas of inconsistency in document management. Careful preparation of the Business Classification Scheme pays dividends on implementation. Use of the OGC Gateway prject control helped make sure that the project was completed to time and budget.

    Research limitations/implications - The National Weights and Measures Laboratory is the smallest UK government agency and is an agendy of the Department of Trade and Industry. As such it was able to learn from the latter in relation to EDRMS implementation

    Practical implications - This paper is a useful case study investigation of the introduction of EDRM

    Originality/value - The paper gives insight into EDRMS implementation in a small user group. It sets out the lessons learned that could be used in other implementations.